How to improve eyesight naturally with credible and properly designed eye exercises is the focus of this post. The method to improving your eyesight- even back to 20/20- is actually really simple, easy-to-do eye exercises. Thing is, because it’s so simple, people tend to mess it up, or recommend exercises they really don’t know are effective.


So before you continue your research into how to improve eyesight naturally, let me save you the frustration, wasted time, and side effects of doing eye exercises from random sources. I once tried some exercises for a few weeks that were very well put together, I had no idea who made them, and not only did my eyesight NOT improve, I started going kinda cross-eyed…so I’ll be showing you how to make sure you’re looking at eye exercises that truly work.


How To Improve Eyesight Naturally With a Credible Program, and Avoid the Wrong Ones


how to improve eyesight naturally without looking like this

"Yeah I actually don't wear glasses anymore, I've been doing these eye exercises..."



There are 3 key things to look for in a program on how to improve eyesight naturally to make sure it will work.

1) The creator of the program, a company or individual, is a credible source. Usually they’ll have loads of experience in the field of optometry, and you’ll have no issue feeling comfortable with taking their advice. Often if their program is a hit, it will be recognized or endorsed by companies you’ll recognize.

2) A wide variety of exercises and methods for treating all the different issues we could have with our eyes. Soreness, dryness, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and so on. A real program addresses all the possible vision problems with the most effective way for each, they don’t just have a handful of exercises you do to magically fix all problems.

3) This is a biggy, and it’s common sense really. Testimonials! If their “how to improve eyesight naturally” program works, they’ll have no hesitancy posting up testimonials from people who have personally seen the results! There should definitely be a good amount of testimonials, and especially keep an eye out for testimonials from people whose careers are dependent on their good eyesight.


If airline pilots, military personnel, and surgeons are sending in testimonials that they personally used the program to get their vision back in tip-top shape, you can bet it’ll work for you. So remember, look for credibility, a variety of treatments for all areas of vision problems, and lots of testimonials.


How To Improve Eyesight Naturally: Programs That Work


So buy me a Snickers because I went ahead and researched all the eye exercise programs out there, besides the one I used, for you to see just how many were actually good enough to meet these criteria. I only found two.

1) Natural Perfect Vision program on how to improve eyesight naturally by Dr. George Reynolds, founder of the Stanford Institute For Natural Vision. To check it out, Click Here

2) Rebuild Your Vision program on how to improve eyesight naturally by Orlin Sorensen, Commercial Airline Pilot and company founder who used these exercises to achieve his dream and meet the eyesight standards to become a Navy fighter pilot. To check it out, Click Here

So there you have it, check out those programs, start doing the proper exercises a little each day as they recommend, and you will literally start seeing clearer within a couple weeks, sometimes even a handful of days! Imagine Wednesday after next, being halfway to never needing to pop in your contacts or put on some glasses ever again.









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How To Improve Vision In 2 Weeks!


How to improve vision in 2 weeks, maybe even less, with simple eye exercises, is what you’ll discover here in this post. If you’re looking to improve your vision, it’s probably because you’re tired of the little constant hassles of glasses, contacts, and of course just plain being blind without either of the two. I remember the biggest pain in the butt when I wore glasses was how after a few months the legs (or arms?) would become wider than my head, so they’d fall off easily at the slightest tilt of my head. SO irritating. But I digress…


How To Improve Vision Safely


Before you start doing just any eye exercises , I want to save you from accidentally doing exercises from not-so-credible sources, and not only wasting your time, but even risking worsening your eyes in the process. I don’t recommend just Googling random eye exercises from who knows what person and messing with your precious eyeballs. That’s exactly what I did and not only did my vision NOT improve, but I started going cross eyed…not exactly the results I was looking for. So please save yourself the hassle, eye exercises do work, you just have to make sure they’re actually real, designed by someone with the experience to back it up.


how to improve vision without accidentally doing this

"You're looking, uh, good Justin..." "Oh yeah, thanks, I've been doing these awesome eye exercises I found on Google."


So what does a real “how to improve vision” program look like? You want to look for 3 major criteria: A credible source, make sure the program was created and developed by an individual who actually knows what “optometry” means. That always helps. Not Joe-shmo internet guy telling you to do this and that. Next, check for testimonials. If the program and exercises work, the individual or company won’t hesitate to post those success stories for all to see.


When looking into how to improve vision programs, it’s especially a good sign if there are testimonials of people who’s livelihood depends on their good eyesight- if pilots and, I don’t know, snipers are using the program to improve their eyes so they can be better equipped to fly aircraft containing hundreds of lives, or head-shot terrorists on the first pull of the trigger, you can bet it’ll work for us so we can read take-out menus easier.


How To Improve Vision: Use A Program That Meets These Criteria


So, to summarize:

1) Program and exercises created by a credible individual or company with experience in their field.

2) Plenty of testimonials to show the program os working, and especially keep an eye out for testimonials from people who need their eyesight to be in top shape for the sake of their careers. Think pilots, doctors, surgeons.

3) An up-front explanation of all the different vision problems the program will solve. Far-sightedness, near-sightedness, sore eyes from computer screen hypnosis, you name it.


So you should take me to the movies because not only did I show you what to avoid when looking for a how to improve vision program, and save yourself the trouble of making yourself go cross-eyed, but I also showed you the top 3 qualities to look for in a program that, if it’s real, WILL give you better vision in a matter of weeks, and sometimes days. I personally used eye exercises, and after a few weeks, I noticed while in In-N-Out (that’s an amazing burger place for those reading this in states without them) that I could read the menu from across the restaurant! Guys, before the exercises I couldn’t read the nutrition label on a Wheat Thins box arms-length away. That’s HUGE.


So I saved you some time and did research on this post, sifting through all the programs out there, sorting out the B.S. ones, and found only 2 that met all the criteria.

1) Natural Perfect Vision program on how to improve vision by Dr. George Reynolds, founder of the Stanford Institute For Natural Vision. To check it out, Click Here

2) Rebuild Your Vision program on how to improve vision by Orlin Sorensen, Commercial Airline Pilot and company founder who used these exercises to achieve his dream and meet the eyesight standards to become a Navy fighter pilot. To check it out, Click Here

So don’t just sit there, your eyes aren’t going to get any better staring at the screen! Check out the programs, start exercising your eyes properly, and literally see the results two Tuesdays from now! Then throw out your glasses (or contact subscription) for good.









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Improve vision naturally with easy eye exercises, and forget about needing glasses or contacts ever again. Anyone like us who’s had to wear glasses or contacts (or try and go about life purposely not wearing them when we should) knows how nice it would be just to have decent eyesight again. You don’t think your THAT dependent on the darn things until they break and you realize how screwed you are. Mine would always either have one of the legs or whatever you call them detach, or they legs would just eventually get wider than my head and I’d always have to push them up.


Point is, it’s a pain in the butt. Good news is you can do eye exercises and literally repair your eyes back to 20/20 if done properly! There are many choices of eye exercise programs online, but you want to be very careful in choosing one that’s designed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Trying random exercises designed by Joe-shmo could possibly worsen your eyes, or just waste your time.


Improve Vision With the Right Program: How to Make Sure It Works


improve vision without accidentally doing this

"Yeah I've been doing these eye exercises I found on Google..."


I once tried some for a few weeks, and some of the exercises were actually made me “improve vision” by making me go cross-eyed…not exactly beneficial. So don’t waste your time or make your eyes even worse- do your research before investing the effort to heal your eyesight! To make sure you’re looking into a quality program, there are a couple key things to look for such as…

1) Who designed the program? Are they credible? You want to make sure they have experience and certification in the field of vision or optometry. When it comes to messing with body parts, especially the ones that give you sight, you don’t want to get lazy. Make sure your taking advice from a trusted and credible individual if you’re going to use it to improve vision.

2) Testimonials! If the program actually worked, the person or company will have no hesitancy in posting testimonials from people who have had success using it to improve vision. It’s especially good if they have people who have used the program that need perfect vision as a requirement for their careers. If pilots, hunters, or other people who need to have sharp sight to do their jobs are using the program, that’s a very good sign!

3) A money-back guarantee. Again, if the program is working, the person or company won’t mind offering this. They know their program will work and make you happy, so they back up their offer with a money-back guarantee. Not only does this boost their credibility, but it also puts us at ease because we know if all else fails, we can get our cash back.


Improve Vision: 2 Programs That Meet These Requirements


So you should buy me lunch because not only did I write this nice post to save you from the unfortunate cross-eyed experience I had trying random eye exercises, but I also went out and researched all the different programs out there and found 2 that met all these requirements for you. And by the way, I personally used credible eye exercises to improve my vision.


There’s plenty of testimonials on the sites you can read, but after 1 or 2 weeks of doing them for a couple minutes a day, I happened to be at In-N-Out (that’s a delicious burger place for those of you in states that don’t have them) and was sitting eating, when I glanced up at the menu across the restaurant and realized I could read it! Guys, I couldn’t read the nutrition lable on a box of Wheat Thins 3 feet away before I did the eye exercises…seriously. So, on to the programs.


1) Natural Perfect Vision program to improve vision by Dr. George Reynolds, founder of the Stanford Institute For Natural Vision. To check it out, Click Here

2) Rebuild Your Vision program to improve vision by Orlin Sorensen, Commercial Airline Pilot and company founder who used these exercises to achieve his dream and meet the eyesight standards to become a Navy fighter pilot. To check it out, Click Here

So what are you waiting for, your glasses to break or your contacts to run out? Check out the programs, pick one, and start seeing clearer within a week or two, (some people even get results in days) and next time your glasses break, throw those suckers away for good!










Aaron Mariscal



Disclaimer: I make commissions from sales of
this product. In the spirit of full disclosure, I
identify all sponsors to you. I am not an employee
of Rebuild Your Vision, nor did they ask me to
build this website. However I fully support the
work of this natural vision improvement


Get more traffic to your blog: the process is actually simple, and easy to repeat; you just need to know the most efficient way to do it. Information overload from all the resources online makes it difficult and time consuming to discover the proper way of attracting traffic, not to mention all the B.S. products and hype. Truth is, unless you want to take traffic from huge companies and websites on a global scale, the number of tools you need to successfully get near unlimited traffic for yourself can be counted on one hand.

Get More Traffic To Your Blog: The Process, and Making Sure You’re Getting the Profitable Kind!


The basic and proven process to get more traffic to your blog is this. First, you decide on a product, service, or opportunity you want to profit from. It might an affiliate product, what you or your business sells, or yourself. whatever it is, you make money when people want it, Second, you research your target market. These are the people who would want to and be happy to give you moony in exchange for what you’re offering.


Keep in mind how important this is. Sadly, people will go and use to get more traffic to your blog that’s a complete waste of time and has no potential of actually making you money. For example, free e-mail list sites are pretty much pointless. The list is comprised of all the other members of the site, who are all trying to sell their own thing. You have a giant group of people who are sellers, not buyers, mass e-mailing each other. If you think that’s effective, you’re insane. You want traffic that’s ATTRACTED to you because you have what they want. That kind of traffic has a high chance of buying, and can sustain a business. Not shooting in the dark at other people who want you to buy from them.


So once you know you’re target market to get more traffic to your blog, you thirdly should start figuring out what they might be typing into search engines to look for what you’re offering. Once you know these keywords, all that’s left is to create content that is focused on those keywords, offers helpful information and solutions that they’ll be happy they found, and finally promoting that content with tools for social media votes and backlinks so it ranks not just in the millions of results of google, but the first page of google, where 99% of traffic will be.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog: The Tools To Do It


You know the proper process to get more traffic to your blog, so now I’ll show you exactly what I did to first start getting traffic, leads, and then profits online. You may use these tools a little differently, because your end goals is different. You want the same thing as me though- traffic. My goal was to attract more people to my blog, and I had additional services I offered as well, to help people succeed online.


1) I went through the “get more traffic to your blog” process and created my content, and posted it on my blog. This was not a normal blog. It was a viral blogging system that ranked abnormally easily on Google, and came professionally setup ahead of time. I chose this because setting up a proper blog or website takes extra time and money, and any content you put on anything new takes weeks, even months for the search engines to rank. Instead I just blogged and offered what I had on it. If you’d like to promote what you offer using the same system to rank on the front page easily, Click Here to opt-in and see a free video on how it works and might help you. Keep in mind if you already have a website or blog, you can simply make content that ranks easily on the viral blogging system, and link back to your original site. Funnel people in using this tool!


2) Next to get more traffic to your blog, I used a program called Magic Submitter to easily get backlinks and social media votes on a grand scale that would be impossible to do manually. This is because even if I research good keywords to make content for, I have to beat the people on the front page. The requirements to do this is get more backlinks and social media votes than the competition. You just need to be one better. Magic Submitter not only promotes your content easily, the free training and information they offer shouldn’t be free it’s so good. You’ll learn anything you don’t yet know to make sure you’re promoting your business properly online. Click Here for a 30-day trial with full functionality,


3) Lastly, and this is not a requirement to get more traffic to your blog (but you’ll regret it later if you don’t take advantage early on) is I used AWeber, which is a lead-capture and automatic-email program. I learned that anyone successful online continuously builds a list. For example, if you do everything in this process to get more traffic to your blog, and start getting thousands of people a day who want what you’re offering to look at your site, and some are buying, why not have the buyers and the potential buyers subscribe to you? By having them enter their information in exchange for something of value on your end, you can continuously build a list of people who are interested in what you have.


Continue to build relationships with them by automatically sending out mass-emails consistently with helpful information, and now people who didn’t buy the first time are buying in the future when you throw in a recommendation for a product or service you sell. If you’re going to invest all the effort to get more traffic to your blog, why not profit not just from visitors once, but multiple times? Also, if you start selling something new, and you have, say 2,000 subscribers after a few months, imagine how many will buy that new helpful product if you sent out a mass email to all 2,000? You think a good chunk would buy? Yep! Click Here for a fully functional trial of AWeber.


So with an automated lead-capture email system, not only do you profit off one-time buyers, you’re building a relationship and profiting from those who don’t buy the first time as well. Not to mention keeping your business in front of people. If you don’t do it, you’ll still make money, but not nearly as much.


So there you have it. The simple process and a measly 3 tools to guarantee you successfully get on the front page of Google and get more traffic to your blog. After getting all these tools and learning to properly use them, I got my first 8 blog posts in a row, using all three tools, to rank on the front page of Google within 48 hours. It’s easy to repeat too, because once you know how to win once, you can just repeat it over and over. So now you know how to get more traffic to your blog, and this is where you have a choice.


Take action, and start getting actual results in your business, consistently, literally within 48 hours of learning to use 3 simple tools properly? Start to actually get more traffic to your blog? Or spend more time researching and sifting through endless B.S. that is overcomplicated so people can sell you pointless and ineffective crap? It’s up to you. But guess which one I finally chose? And what page of Google did you find this post again?

Step 1) Click Here

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P.S. If the Leader In Your Business Does Not Have A Simple, Step-By-Step Process For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) -

Click Here










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